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My name is Peacefroggie

Thank you for taking the time to look at my website. Here you will find details of my projects, and the completion percentages of them. I have been learning and expanding for a few years and there are a number of things in the works at the minute. I have developed my first game that is available on, follow this link to check it out: Gatherence. I have some music also available on bandcamp which you can access here: Bandcamp. I try to be constantly learning new things and working bigger and better projects, and have started working on my second game in Unity which I hope to be able to get it on steam within the next year or so.

Also completed projects have been a Netflix clone, Spotify clone, my own search engine and some basic Gamemaker games while I was learning how to code in different game engines / languages until I was comfortable enough to progress to Unity. I am still relatively new in Unity and hope to expand on that with my second more ambitious project, an Action RPG as yet untitled. I will keep this page up to date with the progress of that game so check back often if you are interested to see it develop over time.


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